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Narrowboat Double Glazing

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Narrow Boat Double Glazing

Traditionally Narrow Boat Windows and Doors are cold, drafty and attract condensation.

Our Modern uPVC Boat Windows and Boat Doors has all the advantages of residential windows and doors but with smaller dimensions to reduce sight lines of the frame and to accommodate the narrower wall construction found in Narrow Boats.

Benefits of our Narrow Boat Double Glazed Windows and Doors:

  • Reduces condensation.
  • Excellent insulation.
  • No draughts.
  • Reduced heating costs.
  • Simple, speedy, no-mess installation.
  • Choice of ANY Colour.
  • Decorative Glass available.
  • Extended boat usage.
  • Increase’s Rent able / Resale Value.


Boat Windows

Boat windows are manufactured usine a upvc slim-line odd leg window profile which sits against the external face of the property, giving a coverage of 19mm on all sides. A non drying bedding sealant or expanding foam is installed around the odd leg frame against the external frame and the property walls thus making the window water tight.


The windows can be installed by knocking an aluminium fixing bar into the specially designed window, giving a secure clamp fix finish. The fixing bar then doubles up as an internal trim which sits flush to the inner wall. This is suitable for wall construction of 38mm, 53mm or 69mm. If your wall construction differs, then you can fix them using screws and trim up on the inside using either plastic or timber bead, dependent on your preference.


If your existing windows and doors do not already have a cowling above the head of the frame, then it is recommended that you purchase some for above the opening windows. They will stop the water from sitting on the opening sash where the water would drip inside once the window is opened. Alternatively, we can supply you with a ‘drip bar’ which is attached to the top of the window frame which simply takes the water away from the top of the opening sash. Please obtain an Instant quotation by clicking on the link below.