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Caravan Door Measuring Guide

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Caravan Door Measuring Guide

Caravan Door Measuring Guide 2017

1. All ways measure Odd Leg doors from inside.

2. Remove any internal trim to reveal the existing door and or timber frame.

3. Two ways to measure the Width:

1) You can measure the existing door.

2) You can measure timber to timber to find the aperture ‘tight size’ and then reduce the total size by 5mm to allow for clearance. (so the door can fit in the hole.)


4. Two ways to measure the Height: 1) Measure the top of the door down to the top of the floor. 2) Measure the timber frame to the floor and reduce by 5mm.



External overlap:

On static caravans, the old aluminium doors odd leg overlap normally measures 25mm. New upvc odd leg doors have a external overlap of 19mm. As the old doors are screw fixed from outside, you may see screw holes once the new door is installed.

Three options to get around this:

1) Take a tighter measurement to the overall frame to try and cover the screw holes (you will not know if this will work until installation, unless you actually remove the door as you measure.)
2) Measure normally as recommended and as you install the door, fix a plastic trim vertically under the overlap of the door, covering the crew holes.
3) Recommend (see below for image) measure normally. As you remove the old door, save the screws. Once the door and the old silicon is fully removed, re fix the screws back into the holes.


Wall Thickness:

The wall thickness will need to be checked in order to determine what internal trim you will need to cover the gap between the wall and the edge of the frame.

In this case the wall thickness is approx. 40mm. As the thickness of the door that sits in the wall is approx. 50mm, you will need an appropriate trim to accommodate this. Most installers use a 20mm flat plastic trim (see pic) but you may choose to use a timber bead trim.


Threshold build up:

As the new upvc door is wider than the old aluminium door. We recommend that you measure to the floor level to avoid having to pull back the carpet and cut back the floor to accommodate the new door.

We will go through the installation process in the greater detail in the installation guide but here are a few options for you to know about when measuring.

When you remove the old door, you will be left with a gap of approx. 20mm – 30mm dependent on if you have carpet or vinyl floor. Fill this gap by screwing a strip of timber approx. 20mm x 30mm. This gives the door a solid base to sit on.



Threshold manufacturing options:

Before we discuss this, it is useful to see the dimensions of the two outer frames for our odd leg doors.

Single Doors

Double Doors

As you have read on the previous page, there is a ‘build up’ needed to fill the gap left from the old door. To cover this gap you have two options illustrated below.


Standard Threshold:

You can select our standard frame threshold and then trim underneath.


Cut Out Threshold:

You can choose a cut out threshold which will lower the step in and out of the property whilst increasing the external overlap on the outside. This will lower the step and increase the overlap by:

Door profile 1714: 20mm  –  Door profile 1718: 35mm


Please note that this option is cut by hand and therefore may not me perfectly straight.

The carpet or a trim bead maybe used this.

There is an additional charge for this service.

Check the distance between any decking or permanent stairs to see if you have sufficient room for the extra outside coverage.


Weather proofing the door:

DO NOT USE silicon around the door. As caravans are timber frame, they constantly move, especially in poor weather. Silicon will crack and turn yellow over time.

We can supply a 12mm slow recovery neoprene foam which when compressed becomes water tight. This gives a nice tidy finish. (see below for a comparison.)



Still unsure on how to measure for replacement caravan doors?

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