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Caravan Windows and Doors

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Caravan Windows and Doors

Caravan Upvc Windows and Upvc Doors

Upvc caravan windows and caravan doors

slimline-odd-leg-window-cross-sectionCaravan Windows and  doors are manufactured using a slimline window system that has been specifically designed in conjunction with Static Caravan and Holiday Home manufacturers. The light weight window has narrower dimensions to perfectly suit the wall thickness in both old and new Static Caravans. The Windows and doors come with double glazed units as standard. 24mm in the windows and 28mm in the doors.

Caravan windows come pre glazed with a 6mm foam tape around the external lip of the odd leg window which sits against the external face of the Caravan, which when compressed becomes water tight. This means no messy unsightly silicon is used, giving the installation a clean tidy finish refreshing the look and feel of your Holiday Home.

slimline-odd-leg-windows-cross-sectionThe Slimline windows are installed by either using a clamp fix system, no Screws are needed and a window can be installed in under 5 mins. Aluminium Fixing bars cut to size are included, these bars have a serrated edge which is knocked into the window itself resulting in a clamp fix. These come in two depth thicknesses: 38mm or 53mm.

Alternatively, the windows can be screwed into the frame and trimmed up on the inside using a 20mm demould trim.

Please note that the doors are always screw fixed and you will need some 20mm plastic demould trim to ‘picture frame’ around the door on the inside for a tidy finish.

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